I was actually fairly shocked that I enjoyed this film. I don’t want to give out spoilers to people who haven’t seen it yet. But let’s just say I was in for a surprise. I’ve always loved Michael Keaton as an actor, so I figured this would probably be a decent film. After all, it did win for Best Picture. After seeing the trailer, my thinking was that it had to do with a guy who played in a superhero franchise, now getting old and wants to revive his career, but in the process he goes nuts. I was right, but not totally right. It’s different than that.

Basically, this guy Riggan is trying to revive his career with a play on Broadway that is full of issues. This includes the actors he has to deal with, one of them being Edward Norton. He plays a guy named Michael Shiner, and is extremely difficult to work with, and is a major pain in the ass. He also had a former fling with one of the actresses in the play, and is hitting on Riggan’s daughter played by Emma Stone. I won’t go into too much more detail about it, but it continues on and you wonder what is going to happen next. Is the play going to succeed with all the madness around him? Will he ever bring back Birdman who is constantly talking to him but you can’t tell if its his subconscious? I will leave it up to you readers to watch it, but the last half hour was very surprising in the turn of events and kept me glued to the screen.

The ending was great. The whole film has the dark comedy feel to it, but it works with the dramatics as well, because they feel real with the characters even if they are “just acting”. And I never thought about how hard careers must be for actors, directors, and people involved in plays and film. They are effected really hard emotionally from critics and the media. You can clearly see that aspect of the career portrayed in this film. I can see why it won for both Best Picture and Director.

Alejandro Iñárritu is a new, facinating director of whom his future works I would like to look into. He uses a lot of long shots that were terrific, and well timed. There is also a lot of long hallways in the theater and very colorful lights in the Times Square scenes. And the use of mirror images, which I thought was also creative, worked really well.

Overall, a great picture. I don’t normally enjoy new films too much, but I highly recommend that people who appreciate film see this. I also can’t wait to watch it again some time in the near future.


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