Apologies for the lack of updates

I’ve been extremely busy lately with work and my personal life. However, things will be coming this way soon, I got movie reviews in mind. All my 3DMM films will also be up which I am very excited for. Currently working on the Coffin Born Resurrection album. The editing process was a lot harder than I thought. I promise it’ll be extremely brutal and metal as fuck 🙂 And as for the Drone Metal project with Zach, our name for it is MOONCANDLE. It’s very fascinating because I never done a Drone band before. Zach has recorded the music for half of it, I just need to add drums. And for the other half I will have drums and possibly guitar from Nick, and Zach will add the rest. It’ll be all in good fun, and in the end it will be 2 Discs! Check back soon!