My History of 3D MOVIE MAKER


3D Movie Maker was an animation program that came out for Microsoft in 1995. I remember seeing a rare commercial for it, and wanted it right away.

So one day in early 1996, my dad and I went to Micro Center. It was a computer store in Wayne that had tons of the latest computers, computer games, speakers, and software. I happened to stumble upon it when I looked at the games. Right away, I begged to my dad to get it for me. He made the right decision that day buying it. When we got home, the game was installed into my Windows 95. It ran slow because some of the graphics were way too advanced for my computer to have run normally. But nonetheless, I attempted to make a movie. The game is run by an annoying character named McZee, who tries to guide you through the game. I ignored him right away, and tried to figure the game out for my own. It wasn’t easy, but over time and hours spent on it, I figured it out.

The annoying McZee

The annoying McZee

There was a limited amount of scenes, actors, and sounds you could use, so there was only so much you could do. My first movie I made was called Dead or Alive. It was my attempt at a crime drama, and of course it was terrible. The characters were way too goofy looking to take seriously, I learned that early on. But there were still ways around it, because I wanted to make movies I loved. In the last half of the 1990s, I was obsessed with slasher movies – Jason, Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Chucky, Pinhead, and so forth. I wanted to make my own. With the help of my school friend Tom Siwula, who loved the game as much as me, we created some funny serial killer flicks – Captain Blood was his character(with about 12 sequels) , and Body Bags and The Devil were the name of my series which had about 6 or so sequels each. My cousin Andrew Murphy also got involved with the game with me, and we created a comedy series (with the retarded-looking Bongo character) called The Stupid Kid. We had about 20 sequels. This happened throughout 4th grade, till about 6th grade.

Some of the limited amount of characters I could use for the movies.

Some of the limited amount of characters I could use for the movies.

It was around that time in 1998, when I first got internet at my house. I discovered something very interesting – there was a 3DMM Community on the internet! People uploaded their movies, and other people watched them and critiqued them. After watching a few of the movies I saw made by other people online, I was very excited and wanted to start something new with my movies. I wanted to make movies people would never forget once they saw them. So one weekend in early 1999 when my cousin Andrew stayed over, we started a super gory zombie movie called The Offspring. It was named after our favorite band of the time, and would later be re-invented as Necro Night. Another movie, my Uncle helped out with Andrew and I was called Death by Image. We laughed so much that we watched it over and over. I called myself Splatter Productions, because my main focus would be gory and violent 3D Movies. I attempted to upload the movie on my little Tripod website, but it was too large. I learned from other 3DMMers that you had to put them in ZIP files to lower the size. After several attempts, I failed again because my 56K Dial-up internet took forever to upload the file. Then the inevitable happened, my computer completely crashed shortly before the summer. I was so saddened that my work had been destroyed and became nothing but floating electrons. Death By Image, The Offspring, all the Captain Blood, Devil, Body Bags, and The Stupid Kid movies – ALL GONE FOREVER. That summer before I went to computer camp, I burned a copy of 3D Movie Maker to Andrew for his computer at home. He started to make his own movies under the name Nitro Productions. I knew that when I would return from computer camp, that I would start fresh from the beginning and be called Horror 5 Productions. And thus, all the 3D Movies made by me and Andrew would go online…


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