Camp Massacre 2: Bloody Revenge

Camp Massacre 2: Bloody Revenge
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: Sometime in early August 1999
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy


As if we couldn’t get more god-awful. This “sequel” started as a joke. Andrew suggested to me that Camp Massacre 2 should be the worst kind of slasher sequel, and the 3rd will be better, but still bad. I thought the idea was brilliant of course. Let’s make a ridiculously horrible movie on purpose. Basically a horrible sequel in which I guess the plot is somehow the camp reopens and a group of people are killed one by one again. Take that and add young Dave and Andrew humor thrown into the mix. You get this horrible (and I really do mean horrible) sequel. It was made bad on purpose, and we were already bad 3DMM filmmakers, so you can only imagine until you see it. A lot of recurring characters do pop up in this film including Gargle Man, Chris Gleason, and even Duke Nukem. There’s also an extremely perverted scene after the opening credits.


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