Camp Massacre


Camp Massacre
Directed by
Dave Smith
Released: Sometime in late July 1999
Voice Cast: Bruce Smith, Dave Smith


After Andrew had shown me The Ultimate Comedy, he put it up on his Nitro Productions website. After that I decided to put up my own Horror 5 Productions website and quickly start work on my first 3DMM movie to go online. Right away I wanted to make a slasher movie in the style of Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th. So of course I went for the ultimate rip-off title, Camp Massacre. And especially since coming back from camp, I knew exactly the cheesy slasher elements I wanted to put into the film. My Uncle Bruce was staying over during that weekend, so I thought it’d be hilarious if he could do some voices. He plays the main head of the camp, who foresees a shootout massacre some time in 1946, and kills the maniac. Years later its 1999 (present day), so ridiculously far into the later future that there is no way the killer could just come back and be in good health. Neither could the main head of the camp… but of course they do. The counselors already want to have sex, skinny dip, and basically get killed one by one in silly, typical Friday the 13th kind-of deaths. It ends with no real conclusion, and The Offspring just happen to show in the end credits – big surprise there. Bad slasher movie, but I guess it’s a classic being that it is my first 3D Movie to go online with no one watching that or Ultimate Comedy whatsoever. The only real highlight for me is my Uncle Bruce’s infamously ad-libbed line before his character gets killed: “Who are you? You fail to obtain permission to enter my camp!”


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