The Ultimate Comedy

First off I want to thank Supacat99 for uploading every one of my movies and Andrew Murphy’s movies.  16 years ago…

The Ultimate Comedy
Directed by
Andrew Murphy
Released: July 23, 1999
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith


So while I was away at computer camp, Andrew who was 13 at the time, made his first 3D Movie by himself. And no, it is definitely not the ultimate comedy. The idea was that we would take all the goofy, funny sounds that we made on his computer and put it all into one movie. So the plot (if there is one), became a father and his daughter visiting a mental institute (in the form of a restaurant) where a bunch of crazies are. These crazies included characters we made up such as Arfman and Gargle Man. Don’t ask. Arfman wouldn’t be around long, but Gargle Man would soon be a recurring character that would show up in later films. The movie is short, and stupid. People outside of our humor will definitely not “get it”. Even to this day I still don’t get all the jokes because they aren’t funny like they were when we were 13 and 14. Amazing what time does.


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