Camp Massacre 3: Disturbing Behavior

Camp Massacre 3: Disturbing Behavior
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: Sometime in Late August 1999
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy

Burn the Bitch!!

Burn the Bitch!!

So here it is: the okay sequel that should’ve really just been Part 2. This time I directed it completely by myself. You get a glimpse of the killer’s past… his mom was killed by some camp counselors in the 1940’s; he vows revenge, etc. etc – very generic slasher plotline. We flash forward to modern day, and there are still camp counselors going to camp where they are obviously killed off one by one. We do have some funny if not super cliché characters getting killed off this time around – we have the asshole that hates everyone, the fat guy that gets laid with the hot girl (so unreal), the 2 black guys that say everything together exactly at the same time, a geeky guy that says when he has to go to the bathroom that he “Has to excrete urinary fluid out of his male sex organ, be right back!” and the main female that kills the killer off at the end is a Tranny. Somehow every time I attempted the female voice, you could hear the deep voice from puberty kicking in. Hilarious, and bad as usual, this concludes the awful Camp Massacre series.


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