Chris Gleason

Chris Gleason
Directed by
Andrew Murphy
Released: September 12, 1999
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy




This hilarious and classic 3DMM movie was when we started to get a little better at movies – well… maybe not better, but a step forward in the right direction. This movie is Andrew’s 2nd 3dmm film done entirely by himself, and it is the first to not have the scenes provided by the program. They are all handmade scenes that Andrew created himself using props. We knew other 3DMM directors did it, and did it good. So to do this was a real challenge and it took way longer to make. The plot of the movie is simple: the main title character is the popular kid in school. Chris picks on and makes fun of Andrew, the not-so-popular kid. But things start to turn the other way around once Chris starts having bad luck. There are many hilarious moments that are simplistic humor, but I can still chuckle at today. I really enjoyed the ending with the Procol Harum song “Repent Walpurgis” playing. Andrew definitely established his Nitro Production style with this early film. Also, funny fact, it is a rare moment that my voice is not in this movie anywhere.


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