2005: A Nuclear Genesis

2005 – A Nuclear Genesis
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released: October 16, 1999
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy


I’ll take the blame for this one. I suggested to Andrew that he should try to make a Sci-Fi epic because he was doing so awesome with the handmade scenes. He attempted with a lame story that I concocted that would’ve been a great plot for 1960s/1970s Sci-Fi flick about a war involving Earth vs. Mars. The ship Titan I has to fight and do battle with all the Martian rebellion ships. There is a lot of bad dialogue, and cheesy battle scenes that have a lot of explosions. The final battle scene at the end is a little fun to watch, and you can tell Andrew was getting better at making the handmade scenes. Andrew really hates this movie, and I feel bad that I forced him to try and make it. I felt that he would be the next epic director in 3DMM, but remember I was 14 when I thought this way. This is another one I actually didn’t have any voice parts in.


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