Directed by
Dave Smith (& Andrew Murphy)
Released sometime in September 1999
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy


I apologize to all the sensitive people of today’s politically correct world – but I was 14 years old when I made this film. It all started as a joke. Andrew and I had been watching bad movie after bad movie ending with Massacre on the title. Andrew jokingly asks “What is there was a movie called Faggot Massacre?” So I thought it’d be hilarious to make a really gory movie with that title. The plot ended up being about a restaurant/bar that opens up that doesn’t allow gay people to dine in. A day later there is a gay group protest outside the bar, and somehow an “implosion” kills them and they come back as gay zombies. I’m still not sure why that happened, but that’s what happens. Next thing you know, everyone is killed and the guy who opened the bar (conveniently named Andrew) is all by himself to fight the zombies. It ends on an open note for a sequel to be made. It’s basically a bad zombie movie, like how Camp Massacre was a bad slasher movie. But they’re gay zombies – really dumb I know. It is just a derogatory title of a movie that makes you wonder what the hell it is about. At least it gave me a chance to work on some new bloody and gory killing techniques. Andrew definitely helped out a lot at my house when we made this movie, so to say it was just me directing it, is incorrect.