Didn’t feel like updating on my birthday, but anyway… back to the marathon of my early bad films. This is my tribute to my favorite band at the time, THE OFFSPRING:

Directed by Dave Smith
Released: October 31, 1999
Voice cast: Dave Smith



Our favorite band at this time in our lives (as many others our age) was The Offspring. I loved the song Beheaded, and wanted to make a movie out of the lyrics. The plot was Dexter, the lead singer of the band, gets back home from college, his parents annoy him, and he kills them. He then kills his girlfriend, his rival band, some random people, and then onto his band mates. I tried to get a darker feel for this movie, rather than the typical B-horror cheese I was good at. Still, its 3DMM, so it’s hard to make that work. I fuck up a lot with the sound in this (low voices, loud music, etc.) It didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, basically. I was very disappointed in it. I think it took me a couple years until I re-released it online, so not too many people watched it the first time around. I attempted to make handmade scenes, but gave up early on and continued to use the scenes that the game provided.


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