The Watchtower

The Watchtower
Directed by
Andrew Murphy (& Dave Smith)
Released: November 27, 1999
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith

This is Andrew’s 4th film as Nitro Productions, and very controversial. Because of its disturbing content, it put Andrew’s name out there, even though I was also involved in the making of it. Before this movie was even made, Andrew and I thought about making the most disturbing and perverted 3DMM film to ever be made. So we wrote down a list of what kind of fucked up things would happen in the movie. We were 13 & 14 at the time this was made, so we had a lot of sick and strange ideas. Timothy, the main character, escapes jail. While he escapes with his friend, they seek refuge in an abandoned-looking Watchtower. As soon as they enter the dark hallways, they get beat up by a strange guy who tells them they are going back to the cell. Timothy and his friend are sure that they’re back in regular jail, but it is not. The other prisoners, who are actually friendly with them, warn them about the perversions they will be witnessing. There are guards that force Timothy to watch other people experience pain, and sexual torture. Timothy also has to endure some pain and sexual torture. I won’t explain much else about the movie beyond that point, but there is a cameo by Gargle Man, who has a very disturbing scene in a kitchen. Towards the end of the film, there is an uprising, and at that point I helped Andrew out with some of the scenes. We knew this movie would freak a lot of people out, especially since most of the people watching these movies were young like us. It did establish a reputation for Andrew, and his name was finally out there in the 3DMM Community. It’s a cult-classic. Even to this day, Andrew and I will watch it and laugh our asses off at how messed up it is.


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