The Machine

The Machine
Directed by Dave Smith (& Will Maltby)
Released December 2, 1999
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Will Maltby

I directed a lot of bad films, but this one takes the cake right next to City Violence as one of my worst films that I completely regret making for any reason. I think I had a fascination with Will Maltby’s 3DMM films at the time. He had a website called that showcased his films, and they were all short movies with really great animation and gore. I wanted to make a movie that combined some of the shorts into one film. However I fucked it up with this. I hate that I even attempted British accents. I hate that I had a stupid plot that didn’t make sense whatsoever. And I completely regret ever not asking Will Maltby his permission to use his bits of amazing animation. I suck. I hate this movie so much that I hope no one ever sees it. Luckily when I did put this out, I am almost 100% sure that no one saw it. I may have shown Andrew this movie one time, and he didn’t like it either. Complete garbage.


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