Directed by Dave Smith
Released: December 17, 1999
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


About a year before I made this 3DMM movie, my friend Tom Siwula and I made some Slasher movie- styled comic drawings of pretend serial killers, Thorn and Metal. I was Thorn, Tom was Metal. So I started a script for Thorn and tried making it into a real, real script. But keep in mind I was 13 at the time I wrote this script, so of course when I showed it to some “professionals” they instantly thought it was bad. I e-mailed the script to a guy named Tim Whitfield who was attempting a Friday the 13th fan sequel but never got back to me. So in joking I put his name as the director of this movie.

thorn-2 thorn-3

The plot is about a 7th grade student who is not doing well, and the people around him are being killed off one by one. His friend is starting to wonder why is he acting so strange (his friend eventually ends up being Metal). The student is cursed with THORN, an idea that was already talked about in Halloween 6. If you are cursed with Thorn, then you kill your whole family and bloodline. However I made it so that, not just the family is killed, but everyone gets it. My vision of the movie was still not perfect of course. I tried to make this all handmade scenes, my first movie to do so. About time, too! The voice acting by me is terrible, as is the Midi music soundtrack. I really should’ve planned it out better.


The “sex scenes” are ridiculous, but I was 14 when I made this. The only real highlight is the brutal kills. This would eventually become a slasher series, and I knew what I wanted for each sequel.


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