Thorn 2: The Return

Thorn 2: The Return
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: January 2, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


Right away I wanted to get into the sequel of Thorn. I had the comics already done, so I knew what I wanted to do for this one. I do start to further my exploration of the handmade scenes, but still to most people watching, it is all very plain and not super-creative. At least I tried.
This sequel in particular is a little quiet and has a longer buildup until we get to the one-by-one murders. The school rebuilds after the destruction of the first one. It starts off with a funny baseball game directly stolen from Sleepaway Camp. Then it continues as a new kid enters the school that is just the dude from the first one who is the killer. We already know he’s the killer, and one by one they all get killed in the Jason-style ways. There’s definitely a good addition of humor in this one with the sex jokes. In one part, students secretly film a teacher having sex with a student. In today’s world, they would’ve taken it to the authorities. But in MY movie, the kids just have a laugh like it is just hilarious. That’s my dark humor for you.
The killings aren’t that much different than the first Thorn, just real quiet and no suspense music. Sadly, I had no chainsaw sounds on my computer and I just made the noises myself! Some of the scenes are still laughable, and I kind of like that it just ends knowing no one survived and that there will definitely be a sequel.
To this day I am pretty shocked that some people admitted to having seen this when I first put it out, as well as the first movie. When I made this around Christmas time 1999, I knew no one was probably going to see it, so I made it bad on purpose on a lot of scenes. This is also my first release in the year 2000.


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