Gargle Man

Gargle Man
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: January 23, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Sam Smith, Robert Domke


Andrew and I decided to take a small break from our main solo films, and decided to make the Gargle Man movie. Besides Chris Gleason, he was a definite trademark character of our movies. So it had to be done. This had previously been made before the computer crash of ’99. This is simply a remake of that same film, sadly with very little use of handmade scenes. It was definitely made really fast and you can tell.
The story is about John Smith, one of the popular kids at school that doesn’t make the football team. He ignores his girlfriend who later cheats on him. He gets kicked out of the house, and then a bunch of thugs he owes money to slash his throat open right by a hospital. He wakes up in the hospital with his throat sewn closed, but to survive he has to gargle the blood in his throat. The rest of the film is his downfall of life because of his throat slash. It’s depressing yet funny at the same time. That’s one thing we are both good at – making dark comedies.
I don’t know why we used Robert Domke’s voice without his permission. That was a dumb move. The voices are low at times and you can’t hear much. The scenes are bad, but you already knew that. The biggest highlight is Andrew’s impressive gargling voice, which some people thought was a voice machine that he used. Nope. All natural gargle 🙂
Jeremy Dick, a fellow 3DMMer who later became friends with us, enjoyed the movie so much that we collaborated on writing a newly updated script.


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