Directed by Dave Smith
Released: February 19, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith

Much like The Machine, Hell, and eventually City Violence, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking with this one. This isn’t as bad as the others I listed there. It all started on a separate 3DMM file. I worked on some super gory scenery that I wanted to put in a movie. I wanted to make the goriest movie I possibly could do. I was very influenced by other 3dmm movies I watched that had the extreme gore going on. That was my goal for this movie – to be the goriest. The final result – not the goriest, but it definitely has some gnarly-ness. Mostly the violence in this movie was aftermath brutality, so it works on some levels.
Because I was very focused on the shock of the gory deaths, I didn’t pay attention to a good plot and scenery and most important of all – character development. So it’s really bad, like a typical B-horror movie.
You can definitely tell I rushed this – the terrible dialogue, and use of so much of the 3DMM scenes already in the program, that I barely even made my own handmade scenes. Such a shame this movie definitely could’ve been constructed way better. I was only in it for the gore and shock value. And that barely even worked.


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