F.M. 2

F.M. 2
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: March 8, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy

I’m not sure the direction I was headed to in early 2000. I think I just wanted to continue making gory films, so I decided to make a sequel to Faggot Massacre. Instead of working with Andrew and adding humor to it like how the original was, it ends of up being just a straight-up zombie movie. However, there is a funny scene in the beginning in which Andrew gets a BJ on the plane, and a zombie interrupts. Gargle Man also makes a brief appearance as one of the gay zombies attacking. There contains a lot of action, which you can tell I was getting better at. But again, there are hardly any handmade scenes. The soundtrack is typical of movies I made at the time. It is short and ends abruptly. The gore is definitely better than the first one, but that is about it. I’m glad I never continued this awful series.


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