A Salty Dog

A Salty Dog
Directed by Andrew Murphy (and Dave Smith)
Released March 10, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith


While I was making bad movie after bad movie, Andrew was making good movies – this being one of them. I know for a fact he still does not like this film. I like it a lot more than he does, because unlike his other movies, it is partially a war film. His handmade scenes were getting even better.
We named it after a Procol Harum song about a foreign ship attacking an American ship that was exporting goods. Timothy, the main character, is supposed to be the salty dog, because he works on the dock. After witnessing the murders of his crew, and his ship blowing up, he survives and tells the story to the news. They find out it’s a Japanese ship that shot at him. The country goes to war, and there are some really awesome battle scenes we made. Yes, I helped Andrew out with those scenes, but for the most part he directed this movie. I still think the last fight scene on the ocean and beach is hilarious.
The deaths were awesome and gory, and fun to make. I like the slow flow of the story in the beginning, and then leading to the battle scene in the middle of the film. I thought it was very well done. I also like Timothy walking across the screen in an aerial view, as the credits roll up and the Procol Harum song plays. Surprisingly this film did get good reviews somehow. People were really starting to pick up on Andrew as an interesting director. I knew I wasn’t going to get the same type of hype because my movies were horrible.
So after this movie, I decided to help Andrew make some sequels to his older films. This would be another embarrassment for both of us, but it was still fun to make.


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