Directed By Dave Smith
Released sometime in late March 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


Instead of going on with the Thorn movies, I decided to just start with the Metal movies. Metal was a comic created by my friend from school, Tom Siwula. It’s got the same story line about a serial killer that is much like Michael Myers or Jason, just straight killing off people one by one for no reason. But eventually with each sequel, more information is revealed.

Like the previous movies I made before this, I go straight for the cheese: hardly any hand-made scenes, good gore, bad plot, bad voice acting, everything bad. It starts with a group of dudes planning to kill off fellow student Tom. But instead of just beating him up (and Tom will forever hate me for this) – they rape him and then kill him. Why you ask? Well, for one, Metal needs a definite motive of revenge, and what could be worse than that? Also, it adds a disturbing element to an otherwise boring story. Some weeks go by after the death, and some locals are killed by an unknown assailant. The gang decides to go on another rape and kill adventure, but they are interrupted and killed off by the weird figure with the mask.


The movie ends with the mystery legend of Metal, and opens the door for many sequels to follow. I knew I was going to make a series of sequels, but I had no idea this movie would have a following!


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