2010: The Battle of the Moon

2010: The Battle of the Moon
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: April 11, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith

That happens to be a Mars Spacecraft!

That happens to be a Mars Spacecraft!

This was the epic-wannabe sequel we made for 2005. I remember we started it in December 1999. It was going to be epic for 2 reasons – I was joining in with Andrew to add more crazy ideas, and two, we knew how to make better scenery. In the end, it wasn’t epic at all.
The plot is at the end of 2005, half of the Earth blows up from the Z-bomb. The Martians continue a war with the Earth, and have a battle on the moon. There’s a lot of cheesiness from our earlier films that you can still see here. There’s also a random sex scene that is our comedy trademark. The space war/battle scenes aren’t much different than the first one with just ships blowing up and a space background. The bad guy is definitely way cooler than the bad guy in the original, and we add some pretty cool dramatic music in the needed moments.
It still looks sloppy and it is still bad. Even if we could make it better, it still would not have worked out. Andrew still hates this movie, as do I. It is very painful to watch some times, although I do get a good laugh or two out of it. Obviously, this film did not succeed any better than the original, and we just stopped even going into the 3DMM Sci-Fi genre all together. And that was the right move.


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