Metal 2

Metal 2
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: April 17, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


The story of Metal continues in this average sequel I made about a week after the completion of the Sci-Fi bomb 2010. I wanted to continue the story by having a private investigator named Dave (surprise!) do some detective work and find out who the unknown killer is.


There are a few good kills in the beginning that are very Friday The 13th-like ( just how I like it!), including a farmer getting sawed in half. There is a handmade scene I made that shows the exterior of the farmhouse, and it actually looks really good. Metal also takes over a party and kills everyone while Rammstein plays in the background. Then when the Dave the PI comes in and chases Metal, it gets extra cheesy and I steal moments from Halloween 5 when Michael Myers’ Psychiatrist is asking him to stop. The psychology shit doesn’t work with Metal, dude. No Fucking Way! So we all know how it ends. Dave the Detective isn’t going to make it. Sorry, totally had to spoil it for you guys.


I was pleased with this as a short sequel, and of course like the first one, it ends in a way that it definitely needs a sequel right away. I do feel that I should’ve had more handmade scenes than just the farmhouse. However, in the sequel which I started right away after finishing this, that changes.


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