Metal 4: Bloodline

Metal 4: Bloodline
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: June 16, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy


The fun continues with this fourth installment to the Metal series. The cop, who fights Metal at the end of Part 3, is beat up very badly, and then the police shoot flame throwers at Metal, making him a burn victim. Of course, he gets up and starts killing again like it’s nobody’s business. John the cop begins to flash back in his past, and realizes he is related to Tom Siwula.


It is stupid because why the hell didn’t he realize this in Part 3 when he first discovers who the killer’s real identity is? Well, to be fair, this pokes fun at typical slasher sequel plot holes. So in a way it works. The murders one by one continue as usual. At the end there is another showdown with the cop, and I end it Halloween 4-style. What a rip-off.


The handmade scenes are average and unoriginal. I could’ve done a bit better on that. The flashback sequence worked well despite the laziness of its look. Chris Gleason also makes a brief appearance is killed by Metal. Jeff Ching, one of the fellow members of the online 3DMM community, made a comment that Metal’s mask looks like a Frying Pan. So I made a funny scene in which Metal sneaks into a Halloween store and grabs the Frying Pan mask. Jeff definitely got a good laugh out of that.
This definitely isn’t the best sequel in the series, but it is a fair one. It continues the story, stays cheesy in B-Slasher fashion as usual, and in the end keeps the door open for yet another sequel. It’s not as fun as Part 3, but still better than 1 & 2 in this director’s opinion.


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