Chris Gleason 2000

Chris Gleason 2000
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released: June 20, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, & Jabroni (Spencer Crabb?)


While I was going crazy making the Metal movies, Andrew decided to remake his original Chris Gleason with his updated, more awesome-looking handmade scenes. This had started some time after A Salty Dog, after seeing that Andrew’s solo movies had gotten good reviews, he decided to make a newer-looking version of his early 3DMM movie.
For the most part it is the same script, except Andrew now has a deeper more older-sounding voice. I got to play a voice part myself. Whoever Jabroni was in the 3DMM community (I think it was Spencer Crabb), still hadn’t hit puberty, so he did the female voices. It’s an all-AC/DC soundtrack (minus the end credit song) – which to me works great for a Comedy like this.
It is still just as funny, but like the original script, has its little flaws here and there with some dumb plot holes. But there really isn’t much plot, just a rise-and-fall story of a dumb popular kid at school. Andrew adds a funny new scene in which Chris takes a shit, and his friend Diamond walks in on him by accident.
Overall, I think this worked great for Andrew. It’s a classic Andrew Murphy comedy, and the scenes look great. So great in fact, that you will see in my later movies that I stole some of these scenes. I couldn’t help it!


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