Metal’s Revenge

Metal’s Revenge
Directed by Dave Smith
Released sometime in Late June 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Barb Smith’s Scream


Right away, I jumped on to the 5th Metal movie. I made it literally on a weekend. It was late June, so I am assuming it must’ve been right after 8th grade ended. I decided not to call it Metal 5, but just simply Metal’s Revenge. It had to be one of those sequel titles that throw people off so they can’t remember which part in the series it is.
You can tell in this one I tried to make Metal a little bit scarier, but he’s already so cheesy, that it was difficult. You can also tell I was confused with how to continue the Metal story after Part 4. I start it like the beginning of Halloween 5, where Michael Myers escapes out of the deep mine ditch of shit, and in Metal’s case the same thing happens. He is still alive, but in hiding. John the cop knows he’s alive but not sure of his whereabouts, until Metal pays him a surprise visit.



After John the Cop’s death (spoiler), he stalks what seems to either be a Sorority house or a female slumber party. One by one, he kills the chicks in Jason fashion. One of the scenes is hilarious and has 2 chicks having lesbian sex. I had to, especially after watching a lot those late night Cinemax movies! I love when they go “Men are such pigs!” Still gets me chuckling.


Once it is down to the last girl named Liz, Metal chases her in a car, and I get a good clip of my mom screaming for the female scream. At the end Metal is de-masked, and in jail. And of course, just like the end of Halloween 5, someone shoots up the police station, and sets Metal free.
This was an okay sequel, it just seems like it doesn’t know where to go, and I rip off Halloween 5 too much. The female characters I should’ve gotten real female voices for, because I obviously had a deep voice at this point. Oh well. The murders are decent, and the ending is just another bad ending that will lead to what happens in Metal 666. If I had developed a better plot for it, and didn’t make it so quickly, it would’ve been a bit better.


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