Lack of Listening

Lack of Listening
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released: July 8, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith

What the fuck is your problem!?

What the fuck is your problem!?

While I was trying to finish the Metal series, Andrew and I decided to work together on A Salty Dog 2, because of the good reviews the first one got. In the meanwhile, Andrew continued on to his next movie. It was the summer of 2000, the both of us were out of school and we were making movie after movie. Andrew was doing what he does best, returning to Comedy.
Now this particular film was based off an incident that happened in real life around the time I finished Beheaded, in other words – Halloween of 1999. Andrew and I refused to go on this Haunted Hayride, and his mom paid for us to go on it anyway. So in protest, we decided to not go on it. Andrew was pissed off and we weren’t allowed to hang out the rest of the weekend. Ah, the early teenage angst years. We couldn’t think up a title for this one, so I think I had thought of it by looking at a comment on a school report card.
At the time Andrew made this, we both thought it was hilarious. Now as years have gone by, we both realized this incident was not really that funny. So in turn, this movie really isn’t that funny with the exception of a few scenes. It’s short, simple-minded, and doesn’t have much of a point to it. The handmade scenery is still good, despite the “lack of” Andrew’s good comedy.


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