Metal 666

Metal 666
Directed by Dave Smith (& Andrew Murphy)
Released: July 12, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy


Finally, the next chapter in the Metal saga….I am not sure why (most likely because of Halloween III and Friday the 13th Parts 1 & 5), I thought it’d be hilarious to have a Metal sequel without Metal actually in it. But how could I make a story out of it?

Kill her!

Kill her!

So I thought up that the Liz girl from Part 5 gets kidnapped by a group of cultists, the same ones that broke Metal out of jail. She finds herself in a very strange place, where she is going to be sacrificed (for reasons unknown). Andrew helped with some of it during our weekend of working on A Salty Dog 2. It definitely has a bit of Watchtower to some of it.
The Liz character was able to call the police in secret before getting caught by the group of odd-balls. The cops, who come off as funny down-to-earth guys, end up saving the day in a cheesy fashion until they are ambushed. There is a pretty sweet showdown with the head cult leader. The shoot out scene I had made beforehand. One day I had made a cool shooting scene that wasn’t part of a movie. I wanted to make a good action scene even though I used 3DMM default scenery. So it ended up in this movie. The Metal 666 title is in reference to the Satanic-like cult group, but in reality they are Thorn cultists. How original.


By the end of it all there is no sign of Metal anywhere. The Thorn cultists definitely are the ones that busted him out of jail, but his whereabouts are unknown. This let fans down like I thought it would. Oh well. I knew the last one was going to be the next one so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a bad sequel on purpose as long as it wasn’t as horrible as Camp Massacre 2. Plus, the last minute Thorn cult idea was to link the Metal and Thorn movies. This is also the only Metal movie I made that has Andrew involved.


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