Metal Dies: The Final Metal

Metal Dies: The Final Metal
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: July 14, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


It was the summer of 2000, and we were pumping out movies fast. We had all the time in the world at home off from school. I finished Metal 666, and Andrew finished Fast Food Massacre, so I had to finish out Metal, before we began our next project – the Backyard Cemetery series.
For the final Metal, I wanted to make it quick and simple like Andrew had quickly done for Fast Food Massacre. And yes, it is quite a dumb ending to the series, but entertaining nonetheless.
Metal somehow returns, and like Jason in the beginning of Jason Goes to Hell, gets ambushed by the cops. He is shot into pieces, literally. His skeleton and body parts come back alive, and they are shot to pieces as well. After there’s barely anything left, the remains of Metal are thrown into the crematory incinerator, and his body is formed out of the exiting smoke.
I put in the credits In Memory of My Friend Tom Siwula, even though he really didn’t die. There’s also a message in the credits about a Metal website for the series. I don’t even recall ever getting around to making it. So, this short piece (of shit) ended it all. I guess it had to end somehow. Obviously, many didn’t like it just like the 6th one, but I didn’t care. It was finally done.


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