Backyard Cemetery

Backyard Cemetery
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released August 7, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Santina Furtado


Andrew needed to make a 3DMM Slasher movie. Way back when we were still new to the internet, I think around 1998, Andrew wrote Backyard Cemetery as a script followed by a Backyard Cemetery 2 not long after. He still had the scripts on his computer and we both thought it’d be cool if we made them into 3DMM. Andrew would direct the first one of course, and I would direct the sequel and we would make them at the same time. I thought it was an interesting idea since we both had different styles of directing.


We were able to find a female 3DMMer in the community named Santina. I think she was even younger than us, but her voice was just good enough for the female parts in both films. It was nice to finally have this in our movies.
Well anyway, the first movie starts off about a car accident in front of 1 Old Woods Avenue. The man driving the car dies on the way to the hospital. The mother of the victim steals the body from the hospital and buries it in the yard. A young couple buys the place not long after the strange incident. So of course, you know what happens next.
I thought this was a decent B-horror, just like my movies, however the suspense was lacking. And of course like all our movies, there is a hilarious sex scene in which you see the penis and the sounds of 2 girls laughing at the same time. Also, like my movie Thorn 2, there isn’t much suspense/suspenseful-sounding music during the kills and events leading up to the kills. There are definitely plot holes in the story as well. But for a 12-year old who wrote this in 1998, I’ll let it slide. You can tell how dated it is, just by seeing the antenna tube TV in the couples’ living room, and VCR player!


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