Backyard Cemetery 2

Backyard Cemetery 2
Directed by Dave Smith
Released August 7, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Santina Furtado, Shaun Winfield


While Andrew worked on the first Backyard Cemetery, I got a hold of his script for Backyard Cemetery 2, and created my take on it. I wanted it to be a real good 3DMM Horror. And I must admit it didn’t turn it out too bad! I got some real suspenseful music from horror movie soundtracks, and tried to follow the script as close as I could to the image of the movie in my head.

The spears almost look.... real

The spears almost look…. real

The story continues as the abandoned house from the first one re-opens as a haunted house attraction for Halloween. But little do the townspeople know that the mom of the killer from part 1 is still out there seeking revenge.
Like Andrew in Part 1, I also got Santina to help out with the female voices. I put in a quick sex scene like it had in the script, but it was extremely minimal. It’s hilarious because the guy is sitting on the wife’s lap.
One of my friends in the 3DMM community was a guy named Shaun Winfield, who was about a year or two younger than me and still had a little kid’s voice, so he was perfect for the voice of the young son in the movie. The only real flaw with the script was that the murders all happen at the very end of the movie, and there is no surprise ending at all. There are still plot holes, and some annoying bits with the dialogue. But it is what it is. I followed Andrew’s script exactly how it was written. I also thought my handmade scenery was getting way better despite stealing a few from other films.
After watching both films back to back, you can tell the difference between our directing styles. Andrew didn’t have as much experience making horror films, so that’s why his turned out not as creepy, but still a good cheese fest. Mine had more suspense, but was still cheesy and all around B-Horror movie.
There wasn’t a third film but I remember Andrew and I talking about it before. It was better that we ended it here. Making those movies was a good 3DMM experience for the both of us. We also learned that we had better start getting more voice actors more often for future movie projects!


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