Don’t Talk To Strangers

Don’t Talk To Strangers
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released: August 8, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith

That's your hard-earned money, boy!

That’s your hard-earned money, boy!

This is a hilarious follow-up to Lack of Listening that was made by Andrew in about a day after the release of Backyard Cemetery. Like Lack of Listening, this was a true story. Andrew and I had yet another ridiculous parents-know-best moment one weekend at the mall.
While we were eating dinner at the food court, a hot girl approached us and talked to us for a minute. She asked for a dollar. A DOLLAR! I definitely did not mind at all, but right as that happened, my dad freaked as did Andrew’s mom (my Aunt). The girl ran away, and our evening was ruined. My dad gave us the longest, most boring speech ever about you should never spend your hard-earned money on someone you don’t know – especially if it is an attractive female. The funny part is, looking back at this, he was right.
But back then it was like “Damn it! A hot chick finally talked to us and you cock blocked!” However, I did learn my lesson, and it is hilarious knowing I went to a strip club later in life… Well anyway, this was a dumb movie just like Lack of Listening before it, but somehow this movie saved us, and not our 3DMM directing careers, mind you.
During this time, a 3DMMer named Jon Sapone was fighting us over the internet on the 3DMM message board. We got into an argument about music, I think. Next thing you know, the shit talk got bad. Jon made a movie with a character named Dave Smith getting killed, and not long after there was another one as well! It got bad. So finally I guess Jon stumbled upon this 3DMM movie and realized how close by we were living. The Exton Mall was a part of Andrew’s handmade scenery in one of the scenes, and that caught him by surprise.
Jon actually hung out with us not long after, settled the dumb online bullshit and we became friends! All thanks to this stupid movie.


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