The Death of BR

The Death of BR
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: September 4, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy

Hey, how come there's no cars in the street?

Hey, how come there’s no cars in the street?

It was around this time I had started work on Thorn 3. I was on the 3DMM online message board a lot because people knew who I was now. One of the many assholes on that message board was a guy named BR. I am not sure what prompted me to make this other than him constantly insulting me for no reason.
Most people on the board hated him too and this was a popular time for short movies being made. If Andrew could do a short-to-the-point film, I definitely could.
So it was simple. BR appears as a fat gay dude that’s obsessed with gay porn, and when he walks out of the porn store, a sniper offs him while Cannibal Corpse music plays. Too awesome.
For some reason not a lot of people saw it when I posted it. But some did, and they enjoyed it.


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