Mutation 2: Bloodbath

Mutation 2: Bloodbath
Directed by Orson Salkind, Andrew Murphy, & Dave Smith
Released: September 15, 2000
Voice Cast: Orson Salkind, Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Jeff Ching, Tuna Hematoma, Ryan Oberle


Now that our names were out there in the 3DMM world, it was taking Andrew and I longer to make good movies. I was working on Thorn 3, and Andrew was working on The Watchtower Documentary. We were both approached individually by Orson Salkind, who was a relatively unknown 3DMMer. He directed a movie called Mutation. It was definitely a B-horror like one of my movies.
So eventually both Andrew and I worked on individual scenes that he told us to make while he worked on the main picture. In the end, it turned out okay. It was very cheesy like the first Mutation. Our scenes in it were both very short, but not bad. The movie itself felt too short. I think if there were more to it, it could’ve been way better. It definitely didn’t need 3 directors. Still entertaining like any one of me and Andrew’s movies.


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