Thorn 3

Thorn 3
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: October 13, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Kevin Pelleginelli, Brian Sullivan, Shaun Winfield, and Jon Sapone


It was a year later, and I really wanted to continue the Thorn series, like the Metal series. I tried my damndest to make a scary 3DMM movie. It really is almost impossible. Because first off, the characters look too funny, and second, with a Slasher movie premise you only have so much material to work with. The most effective thing is in the sounds and music. So unlike Thorn 2 and the first Backyard Cemetery, I tried that approach. I also got to get a decent voice cast that wasn’t just me and Andrew.


I tried to get a female 3DMMer named Amy Avis to do the female parts, but she disappeared somehow, and I had to get the movie released. I wasn’t going to wait for her for another month to get the voices. So sadly I did them which kind of ruined it for me, but not too bad. Her name is still mentioned in the credits.


The movie was typical slasher style. Thorn continues his killing spree, but eventually Tom, his friend from his school days, goes after him and catches up to him. I make the beginning creepy with Black Sabbath music. And then unfortunately I put in too much Friday the 13th soundtrack later on. But the killings are cool and the movie is well-paced. This really is the first movie I started to step up my game. The kills are pretty cool too, very old-fashioned Friday the 13th style. I use a lot more moving camera effect as well.
I first started high school when I made this film. So hard to believe Andrew was still in Middle school at the same time. But anyway, the end result is I tried. It turned out to be way better than most horror movies I had done previously. Unfortunately it wasn’t scary, but at least it tries. People did give it fair reviews, and that I am thankful for. So I started to do Thorn 4 after this, and tried to do the full voice cast thing again.


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