The Watchtower Documentary

The Watchtower Documentary
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released: November 27, 2000
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Scott Murphy, Tuna Hematoma

Your host, Andrew Murphy

Your host, Andrew Murphy

Here it is, the closest thing to the Watchtower sequel, exactly a year later. This is a documentary exposing the story of the Watchtower. I remember when Andrew started this; I knew it was going to be the funniest/disturbing 3DMM movie ever.
The opening credits start with me doing an opening monologue, and disturbing Beethoven music in that background, and then the X-Files theme song pops up as the credits roll. Already you see a lot of perversion, and Andrew’s name dripping with cum. Dear God.
There isn’t really much of a history behind the Watchtower, it’s more of a mystery. All they know is that it has been there for years. Random local people are interviewed, and Watchtower survivors as well. They find pictures and archival evidence through the wreckage. The interviews and pictures/footage they find are hilarious for all the wrong reasons. The scenery is way better than the original of course, and there is even a scene designed by Jon Sapone himself.
This is a highly entertaining movie if you liked The Watchtower and are curious to want to know a little more. But like the original movie, you must be forewarned that this movie is as X-rated as it gets in 3DMM. The movie is still hilarious to this day. The 3DMM Community got a good laugh out of it. The end credits are the Terminator theme song. Enough said.


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