Thorn 4: The Revenge

Thorn 4: The Revenge
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: December 14, 2000
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Jeff Ching, Kevin Pellegrinelli, Ben Fortier, Barb Smith, Chelsea Smith

thorn4-1 thorn4

This is my favorite Thorn movie. Right after part 3, I had to go right to the 4th one, and I wanted another voice cast again. By this time, I had started talking to Shaun Winfield’s friend, Ben Fortier, who would work on later projects with me. He gladly joined the voice cast, along with Jeff Ching, who wasn’t exactly a huge fan of my movies, but was cool with me nonetheless. I also got Kevin Pellegrinelli, who was a huge fan of the Metal movies, and my mom and sister chipped in on the female voices for this one.
The story takes place after Part 3, Thorn’s “corpse” gets taken to the hospital. Right off the bat, he kills a doctor and a nurse in the morgue who have sex in front of his corpse while a Britney Spears song plays. He goes on to kill more afterwards. Tom is back on his trail, and they come to a showdown at the end and it is very brutal. I added some death metal to the soundtrack and some good horror soundtrack music. It worked perfectly. The killings are awesome, and like Part 3 it is well paced, but not as boring as some of the scenes were in 3.
The movie didn’t get too many good reviews, but I didn’t care. It is really a good film all around, and I am proud of it. Quite possibly my best slasher, and a perfect close to me and Andrew’s most prolific 3DMM movie-making year. The series for Thorn kind of just ends here. I had an idea for the 5th one, but it failed miserably. So instead, I decided that the Tom character in this series is really just Tom Siwula and that Metal and Thorn aren’t going verse each other like Freddy and Jason. They are going to unite in the future.


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