Throes of Rejection

Throes of Rejection
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: January 4, 2001
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy

“Isn’t she lucky?”

It was a new year, and I was in high school, so right away I wanted to make a short movie that was very simple – dude gets rejected at the school dance by a female he likes, and then goes postal. Rejection seemed to be a fitting theme in me and Andrew’s movies in 2001. I couldn’t do the voices at the time I made this because I had acid reflux, and lost my voice. So instead, I got Andrew to do the voices for me.
It is a short movie in the same vein as Fast Food Massacre, which is the best approach. I also think it won Movie of the Week at, but sadly they had Andrew listed as the director. The soundtrack was perfect. Even with the Britney Spears song randomly playing – I did that with my last movie, and I got a good laugh from Jeff Ching on that one!
At this time, I started work on 2 future projects – one was my film-noir Crime thriller Darkness Within, and the other was my War movie with Ben Fortier called My Last Day In Normandy. They were going to take a long time to make.


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