Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released: January 6, 2001
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy

If you wanna die, you can just come to me!

If you wanna die, you can just come to me!

Around this time, short movies were the big thing, as were short movie collections. So Andrew decided to make a short movie compilation, starting with this one. He also had one for his take on BR’s Death, which was hilarious. But right as that happened all his short movies were erased because his computer crashed. All that survived was this short film.
Much like Fast Food Massacre, Andrew came up with another short movie where he kills a chick at the mall that offers him marijuana. This is partly based on truth because one time this girl came up to us at the mall, and asked us if we smoked weed. Andrew thought that stuff killed you, so in this movie he goes “Ya know, if you want to die, you could just come to me!” and shoots the stoner girl. It’s totally fucked up because you can’t die from weed, but hilarious nonetheless at the disturbing anti-social look it brought to the table. I wouldn’t consider this a great Andrew movie all that much, because I like Fast Food Massacre better. What a great way to start off the year for both of us.


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