Gleason 2

Gleason 2
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released March 18, 2001
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith

I'm ready to take a nap, a loooong nap

I’m ready to take a nap, a loooong nap

The long awaited sequel to Gleason finally got released. This sequel had a strange history. We started it right after we finished the first Gleason, and then stopped. A few months later, we added more to it out of boredom. And then almost a whole year goes by, and we added more, and then a few months later again, we finished it up. Both of us were working on Darkness Within and I was working on My Last Day in Normandy – it was taking a very long time. So to keep people interested, we released this. You can almost see the old-school Smith/Murphy stuff in the beginning of the movie change to the newer stuff we were making later in the movie.
It definitely is a hilarious sequel, very much in the vein of the first Gleason movie, with him somehow living after getting shot, and then bothering the “wasted” guys. He also goes on a lot of sexual adventures in this. There’s a really funny scene where he gets a nosebleed and all the girls at school start crying.

Hey Murphy, I got a present for ya

Hey Murphy, I got a present for ya

The handmade scenes are bad as usual, despite a few good ones popping up here and there. There is also a lot of vulgarity like the first one had. A lot of people still get confused with this and the regular Chris Gleason. It’s the same character, but these are his day-to-day adventures of weirdness. It’s entertaining simply for the comedy.


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