Wiggers: The Movie

Directed by Dave Smith
Released: June 23, 2004
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith

Check out da rims on dem jauns! Dat shit haaww"

Check out da rims on dem jauns! Dat shit haaww”

It actually almost took me a year to make this movie. The story goes something like this:
After I had made Black & White with Jeremy, my computer crashed AGAIN. But before it died, I saved and backed up all my files. I didn’t have a new computer yet, so I had to upload all this stuff back on to another computer, and it was an even older computer. Because of that, I had lost interest in trying to make a new movie. There was also a lot of stress going on in my real life with family and in the household I was living at. We were going to be moving, so there was a lot of packing up going on.
Meanwhile, I attempted to make this movie on my “new but old” computer. I wanted to make a really funny movie, so I thought about the car wash job I was working at during the time. All the kids working there with me were super-white from wealthy families, but acting like they were thugs from the hood. The behavior was unbelievable to me. Eminem was real big at the time, so I guess that was what they were mimicking. I thought a movie about this real-life thing would be hilarious. Amazing I would make a movie making fun of white kids acting like “gangstas”, after making a movie about racism. Well, anyway…
Originally there were a series of funny sounds on my computer of me and Andrew talking like we were G’s working at a car wash, and acting like the typical kids that would be at our school. So I put the sounds together, wrote a transcript, got my friend Jeremy in on the voices, and of course Andrew had to play our new character, T-Dawg. He was exactly like our character Chris Gleason, but instead of being just a douche bag, he was also a wannabe gangster. The lyrics of “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring pretty much sum up this whole movie. All it is really is a series of funny events happening at the car wash, making fun of these kinds of white kids you see in everyday life.
Sadly, this still has relevance today despite the 2003 super pop soundtrack. It was actually just the top 40 crap that would play on the work radio all day. Right when I graduated high school the movie was released to the 3DMM community.
I guess most of them found it funny, but my biggest criticism was that it was over-long, and got annoying to a point. I do agree it was a little over-long, but there were so many funny moments. Andrew’s T-Dawg voice/character was great. The highlight for me was the secret gayness between T-Dawg and his co-worker J. Too funny.
I consider this the funniest comedy I ever made in 3DMM. I always go back to it and laugh hysterically. The opening titles & credits is supposed to be Outkast – Hey Ya. But due to YouTube being dumb about sounds in video files, the sound had to be slowed down.


Black and White

Black & White
Directed by Dave Smith & Jeremy Dick
Released: August 21, 2003
Voice Cast: Jeremy Dick, Ben Fortier, Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Jessica Campbell, and Lia


I hadn’t made a movie in awhile. At this point in my life, I had finished 11th grade, and it was the summer. I was talking to Jeremy Dick a lot at the time, and we had all sorts of ideas for movies. We both came into agreement that we should make a movie together about racism. I had been watching movies like American History X, Tales from the Hood, Higher Learning, etc. and wanted to make a 3DMM movie about it, since it had never really been done in 3DMM before. I knew it was going to be a little offensive to some 3DMM viewers, but the message was simple: racism is just plain wrong and ignorant.bnw
So to make this movie properly, Jeremy and I made some real dramatic individual scenes of hate crimes occurring, and then later mashed them together. And then we invented the plot. It is about a white kid at school, who has a black friend and white friend, whom both have extremely racist fathers, and hate each other. The race wars in town start to escalate and it gets ugly. The kid just wants his 2 best friends to come to a truce and stop the hating and killing.

This movie was entered into a 3DMM movie contest, and it was the first one that was showcased. So of course right away, there were mixed reviews. Usually Jeremy and I come off as super funny, so I guess it was hard for some 3DMMers to take this movie seriously. But other people thought it was good, and thought it made the point it was supposed to.
This is up there with Simulated Evil as another movie I had a blast making, and like to watch again. Like Simulated Evil, there are some comedic moments, but the racially violent moments actually get really intense. It works on a lot of levels. The only flaw I see now when I watch it is some of the “stereotypes” portrayed, but movies (and especially real-life Hollywood movies) always tend to do this anyway. But it wasn’t too bad, because I showed a black friend of mine this movie. He actually thought it was really good despite some of the harsh moments it has. I forewarn people that watch this for the racial slurs and violence that occurs in the movie. Remember it was made on a kids’ game.

Simulated Evil

Simulated Evil
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: February 16, 2003
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Rachel Hewlett, Jeremy Dick, Ben Fortier, Jon Sapone, Bruce Smith, Barb Smith, Chelsea Smith & Zach Smith


Andrew and I really needed a comeback. It was a new year and we hadn’t done anything in awhile. I think after watching some movies such as Multiplicity and The Sixth Day, we thought it’d be cool to make a movie about an evil clone.
The plot is about a kid named Andrew (of course) who gets suspended from school, goes to therapy, and returns to school. Upon his return to school, things aren’t much different in the way he is treated by other students. Suddenly he is approached by a group of strange men that ask him to be a part of a secret cloning program. Andrew agrees, goes to a special hospital, and gets cloned while he is put to sleep. When he wakes up, he meets his new clone. The clone is completely quiet and strange, but looks exactly like him.


Andrew’s mom freaks out when she sees the clone. The clone runs away into hiding, and then starts a killing spree, thus he becoming the evil clone. Andrew tells his friend from school, then he runs into his love interest, and then all of a sudden there’s a huge shootout massacre. Things start to come at an end when he gets to his doctor, and finds out the clone can only be destroyed by fire.
For the most part I had a blast making this film with Andrew. It was like old times. All our traits from our past movies appear in this film, including some familiar characters. We got a great voice cast of our 3DMM friends, and some of my family members. There are definitely some hilarious, comedic moments and creepy, intense, and violent ones. The killings are awesomely brutal, the soundtrack is great, and it has that typical B-horror feel to it that I love.
This is probably my favorite movie I made with Andrew. The only flaws were the beginning of the movie being quiet and the viewer having to guess what happens in the situation. The only other flaw is, because my computer was so slow in 2002-2003, this looks extremely fast-paced when played back today, but I guess that is okay, as long as you can tell what is going on. Upon release, I think most of the 3DMMers thought it was good for the entertaining, but not for the animation (always seems to be our biggest criticism), but who cares. There is a very funny secret ending after the credits.

Quick Updates

Sorry to interrupt the Dave Smith/Andrew Murphy 3DMM marathon… but very important news is going on in my world right now!

Coffin Born – Resurrection is nearing release.  Jeff, my guitarist, was very satisfied with my edit, so very soon it will be out on CD, and online. I plan on making a YouTube page just for my music, and I will be uploading the remasters of the old Coffin Born recordings as well. I am very excited about all this. Stay tuned my friends!
Keep watching my 3DMM movies in the meantime. One of my best films I collaborated with Andrew on will be posted soon !

D.M. Dave

Thorn & Metal Unite!

Thorn and Metal Unite
Directed by Dave Smith
Incomplete but Released on December 5, 2002
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Rachel Hewlett, Julie Gillespie


It needed to happen because not only was I out of movie ideas, but I wanted to put Thorn and Metal in a movie together just like Freddy and Jason were going to. But instead of them fighting each other, I wanted a union in killing.
So the beginning of the film shows the end of Thorn 4 and you find out Tom was really Metal the whole time. Metal takes Thorn to a hospital, to which he kills random people to get in. Somehow Thorn is put back together and they continue their senseless killing spree which includes a school dance massacre (my favorite kind!) A group of cops go after them and of course they all get slaughtered.
A female 3DMMer who kind of new to the community was a girl named Rachel, who actually lived close by to me and Andrew and Sapone. She was cool with adding some of the female voices to the movie.
I thought it had some good gruesome moments, and some hilarious parts as well. I had a lot of fun with it, but then I couldn’t figure out how to end it. A serious brain fart hit me, and I just couldn’t do it. So instead I released it as is. I knew the fans of both series wanted to see SOMETHING. I guess people liked it, but I’m not sure if anyone really saw it.
I left a note at the end of the movie saying I was working on my last movie called John’s Downfall. Funny I did have a script for it that was very similar to Gargle Man without the gargle subplot, and ends up being a real downer. I don’t know why I felt the need to keep making depressing movies. But I am glad I stopped.

Last Place – Thornbush

Last Place – Thornbush
Directed By Dave Smith
Released June 26, 2002


Spring of 2002 was a stressful time in both Andrew’s life and my life, so it took awhile until movies were made.
I had run out of ideas for movies at this time, but I always wanted to try to make a 3DMM music video. I didn’t want anything too famous so I picked out a local band that my friend’s cousin played in called Last Place.
The 2nd track on their album was this song called “Thornbush” which, at the time, I liked a lot. I attempted making handmade instruments and a funny plot to the story of the video. It looked cool when the timing was right. But now that computers play at faster speed, this will definitely look off by a few seconds of frames. I don’t think anyone cared when I released this.

The Darkness Within 2

The Darkness Within 2
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: April 21, 2002
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Julie Gillespie, Chelsea Smith, Jon Sapone

How do you live?? I just do.

How do you live??
I just do.

I felt a serious need to return to the 3DMM Noir scene, and it was my best move. It was at this time in my life I was in a band, so I didn’t have as much 3DMM time as usual. Andrew didn’t want to co-direct, but he was down to help me out.
The story would take place 10 years after the first one. The opening scene was perfect. Andrew looks out the window while Mayhem plays in the soundtrack and you see twin towers supposed to look like the World Trade Center. I’m surprised no one said anything to me about it, but anyway I felt it looked sweet.
Andrew’s character is still alive, and going through a major depression. With his new partner, he gets involved in another murder case that is similar to the one he was working on in the first one. He isn’t caring much about the case, because he is too concentrated on his new girlfriend who looks like a lot like his dead wife. She is about to leave him, while he spirals deeper into his depression.


The dark handmade scenery like the first movie is very stellar. I made the killer more interesting this time around as well. I won’t spoil it for you. I was more satisfied with the ending this time. The soundtrack is still metal like the first one, but even more doom metal. I made a very good action sequence in the beginning that could keep the viewers from being any kind of bored while watching.
A new friend (and fan) of my work from the 3DMM community was a guy named Jeremy Dick. His girlfriend did voices for his movies, so I asked her if it would be cool if she could do the female parts for me. Glad it worked out! My other 3DMM friend, Jon Sapone enjoyed the movie quite a lot as well. He offered his voice acting for the evil laughter of the killer. He also helped make a really dramatic death scene for me, which was very awesome.
I was hoping this would be somewhat of a comeback movie for me. It wasn’t of course, but people took to it better than my last release. I felt the drama fared better than it did in the first one. There is only one scene that didn’t work for me, and that was the scene where Andrew almost dies and sees his friends/family from part 1 in “heaven”. I still like going back to this movie here and there.

The Voice Chat

The Voice Chat
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: December 11, 2001
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, People in the voice chat: All Pro, Kayla, Becky and others of whom I do not know.


I was in 10th grade at this point and school was getting a little bit harder. September 11th happened and everyone was acting all weird. I thought maybe my ticket back into the 3DMM community without them completely hating on me was to make a simple comedy. I was out of good ideas and then it hit me. I remembered Andrew and I were in a funny Yahoo chat once (back in the heyday of Yahoo chat when there were no bots).
There was me, Andrew, this funny dude named All Pro, and some girls. The one that was talking the most was this girl named Kayla, and she was telling all these sexually exciting stories. So of course, Andrew and I get in on the action, and thought it’d be funny if we recorded it.
So as we recorded the chat, Kayla started having an orgasm, and saying names, including her female friend, Becky. By the end of the conversation she IMs me:
“What’s your name?”
Next thing you know, she is having an orgasm again over the microphone and saying my name! It was too cool, and I knew I wanted that in a movie somewhere. This ended up being that movie.
I released this towards Christmas time. Of course, no one liked it right away. I don’t even think it’s on the internet anywhere anymore (until now). Even making a really funny comedy couldn’t bring the community back to liking me. Oh well. I still wanted to make movies anyway, so I decided on a new project.

Metal (remake)

Metal (remake)
Directed by Dave Smith
Never Officially Released (completed on October 26, 2001)
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


It was late October, by the time I couldn’t take it anymore. I took a break from 3D Movie Maker for a while, but I had started a remake of the first Metal, and kind of wanted it to be seen. Boy, was that a bad move.
Once the hoax was announced, the 3DMM Community lost total respect for me. But it is not like I had respect there in the first place. None of them liked my movies, or Andrew’s movies, or any of my 3DMM friends’ movies, and they were mostly elitist assholes only into themselves, so I didn’t care. I carried on making more movies.
Now unfortunately, I was very dissatisfied with this remake. I felt that I could start Metal over because of my new-found liking of making 3DMM Noir. Suddenly Metal is all dramatic, and not cheesy like it was. Well, I guess it is still cheesy because you can only do so much to make a movie like Metal look serious. I cut out the rape sequence and made it just a simple killing. However, one scene I enjoyed was the new shootout sequence at the café. The ending is all dramatic Darkness Within-style. It definitely did not work for me.
I showed this to Andres De La Hoz, one of the fellow elitist 3DMMers that never thought I was cool ever, but he decided to give me some advice. It helped, but then I got sick of adding new scenes in. So I gave up on this “remake”. I showed it to people once on the board, but never as an “official finished movie”. Yet somehow it is still floating around on the internet. Give it a watch once, but please know that I didn’t have fun making this one.