Reality Sucks

Reality Sucks
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Released sometime in Late March 2001
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Ben Fortier

Please... no..

Please… no..

Andrew’s final film… by himself that got fully completed, that is!
This is another movie about rejection, much like my previous film in which a young guy who asks a girl he likes on a date, gets rejected, and a boyfriend that looks like Chris Gleason shows up, and beats him up. To retaliate, Andrew kills the boyfriend, the girlfriend finds out, and everything comes to an end.


This is very much my favorite Andrew movie. It is a different take on my Throes of Rejection story, and gets even more interesting. The handmade scenes are great. There’s also a lot of Megadeth in the soundtrack, including stuff from their newest album that hadn’t been released yet. Ben Fortier and I are characters in the movie as well. The final scene of all 3 of us at a metalhead bar, getting confronted by a trigger-happy fat cop is so hilarious!
I am not sure if this got the praise it deserved when it was released, but I remember a lot of people in the community thinking it was really funny. It was sad to see that Andrew did not have any more fully completed movies after this one!


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