The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released June 11, 2001
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Ben Fortier


This is a Neo-Noir styled Crime Thriller. Although I consider this one of my better films, I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it. This film took a long time to make. It all started one night, when Andrew and I thought it would be cool to make a really dark and depressing film in the style of The Crow.
We never thought a full movie would get done, but we could at least spend long hours making some cool scenery to start. So we put together some very awesome exterior cityscapes. We weren’t sure of a story yet, but we wanted Andrew to be a cop, Ben to be his buddy/partner, and have myself play the Chief. So we made a murder mystery combined with nightmares. Andrew keeps having visions of his wife being murdered, but at the same time real murders start to happen.
Somehow, this connection leads up to a killer or group of killers that personally know Andrew and his friends and family. Random people are killed at first, but then people closer to Andrew get killed. I thought we had something good going with the story, the dark and gloomy scenery, the amazing metal soundtrack, the depressing, dramatic moments, and even the voice acting. But sadly I didn’t 100% like the final result of this.
The movie ends badly and is filled with terrible plot holes. The last narration part is awful because I stole it right out of The Crow. It looks rushed at the end as well. I felt we definitely needed more voice actors, including actual female voices. It would’ve worked out PERFECTLY.

But on the good side of things, this movie did work in many ways. I definitely had a good feel for this new genre I was trying out. I loved the soundtrack because it was all the different types of metal genres I was listening to at the time. Jon Sapone loved this movie, and even got involved with writing the shootout scene in which my character Chief Smith dies. Sadly, the Bone Thugs N Harmony song totally feels out of place. The car chase scene was very impressive for me to make. Even the mall shootout scene was really well put together, but sadly on today’s computer speeds, looks rushed. Also keep in mind, Andrew and I worked on this for half a year, while I was working on My Last Day in Normandy. At the very last scene before the credits roll, I dedicated the film to the memory of Randy Railing. He was a kid that went to school with me, who died right around the time I finished the movie. I felt it was appropriate because I think if he had ever seen this movie, he would’ve liked it.
All in all, it is not a bad movie. I just wish I could’ve made this 100 times better by changing the rushed bad ending. Andrew helped out with a lot of this, and directed quite a few scenes himself. So he is definitely a co-director, but I worked on a very huge chunk of it, and for awhile was getting obsessed with trying to make it one of my best movies. Because of my dissatisfaction with it, I wanted to make a sequel in the future.


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