Tales of Death

Tales of Death (incomplete)
Directed by Andrew Murphy
Never Released (Completed on August 31, 2001)
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Julie Gillespie, Ben Fortier


Some time in the late summer of 2001, not long after the release of Normandy, I pulled a very stupid stunt on the 3DMM online community. I faked my death. Why you ask? A year before that, Matt McGowan, a fellow 3DMMer who was friends with Jon Sapone, faked his death. Half of the community really believed it, and when he came back they all had a good laugh. I wanted to go out with Normandy being my official last movie, and my other strange films prior to it, to leave behind a strange 3DMM legacy (and really STAY dead). But no, the opposite happened. Everyone hated me even more than they already did. During my “death”, Andrew posted his unfinished project, Tales of Death.
This was going to be a movie like Tales from The Crypt, of course, but 3DMM-style. The first story was a lot like a different take on Reality Sucks, and then the next story was going to be freaky. It was well directed by Andrew, and I thought for sure he would finish it. He just ran out of ideas, and it ended on a strange scene that was going to be partially the 2nd or 3rd story, couldn’t remember. But what’s weird is, my “ghost” is a character in the story, before I pulled that stunt.
No one really reviewed when we put the incomplete movie online. Oh well. I still thought it would’ve been something great. Andrew hasn’t made a movie by himself since that had original material. He released a version of The Watchtower with his older-sounding voice, and I didn’t even get to save it to my computer. He then made a Tribute to me.
Also, I am almost 100% certain this is the last time you see Chris Gleason as a character in a 3DMM movie. This marks the end of an era.


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