Metal (remake)

Metal (remake)
Directed by Dave Smith
Never Officially Released (completed on October 26, 2001)
Voice Cast: Dave Smith


It was late October, by the time I couldn’t take it anymore. I took a break from 3D Movie Maker for a while, but I had started a remake of the first Metal, and kind of wanted it to be seen. Boy, was that a bad move.
Once the hoax was announced, the 3DMM Community lost total respect for me. But it is not like I had respect there in the first place. None of them liked my movies, or Andrew’s movies, or any of my 3DMM friends’ movies, and they were mostly elitist assholes only into themselves, so I didn’t care. I carried on making more movies.
Now unfortunately, I was very dissatisfied with this remake. I felt that I could start Metal over because of my new-found liking of making 3DMM Noir. Suddenly Metal is all dramatic, and not cheesy like it was. Well, I guess it is still cheesy because you can only do so much to make a movie like Metal look serious. I cut out the rape sequence and made it just a simple killing. However, one scene I enjoyed was the new shootout sequence at the café. The ending is all dramatic Darkness Within-style. It definitely did not work for me.
I showed this to Andres De La Hoz, one of the fellow elitist 3DMMers that never thought I was cool ever, but he decided to give me some advice. It helped, but then I got sick of adding new scenes in. So I gave up on this “remake”. I showed it to people once on the board, but never as an “official finished movie”. Yet somehow it is still floating around on the internet. Give it a watch once, but please know that I didn’t have fun making this one.


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