The Voice Chat

The Voice Chat
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: December 11, 2001
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, People in the voice chat: All Pro, Kayla, Becky and others of whom I do not know.


I was in 10th grade at this point and school was getting a little bit harder. September 11th happened and everyone was acting all weird. I thought maybe my ticket back into the 3DMM community without them completely hating on me was to make a simple comedy. I was out of good ideas and then it hit me. I remembered Andrew and I were in a funny Yahoo chat once (back in the heyday of Yahoo chat when there were no bots).
There was me, Andrew, this funny dude named All Pro, and some girls. The one that was talking the most was this girl named Kayla, and she was telling all these sexually exciting stories. So of course, Andrew and I get in on the action, and thought it’d be funny if we recorded it.
So as we recorded the chat, Kayla started having an orgasm, and saying names, including her female friend, Becky. By the end of the conversation she IMs me:
“What’s your name?”
Next thing you know, she is having an orgasm again over the microphone and saying my name! It was too cool, and I knew I wanted that in a movie somewhere. This ended up being that movie.
I released this towards Christmas time. Of course, no one liked it right away. I don’t even think it’s on the internet anywhere anymore (until now). Even making a really funny comedy couldn’t bring the community back to liking me. Oh well. I still wanted to make movies anyway, so I decided on a new project.


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