The Darkness Within 2

The Darkness Within 2
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: April 21, 2002
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Julie Gillespie, Chelsea Smith, Jon Sapone

How do you live?? I just do.

How do you live??
I just do.

I felt a serious need to return to the 3DMM Noir scene, and it was my best move. It was at this time in my life I was in a band, so I didn’t have as much 3DMM time as usual. Andrew didn’t want to co-direct, but he was down to help me out.
The story would take place 10 years after the first one. The opening scene was perfect. Andrew looks out the window while Mayhem plays in the soundtrack and you see twin towers supposed to look like the World Trade Center. I’m surprised no one said anything to me about it, but anyway I felt it looked sweet.
Andrew’s character is still alive, and going through a major depression. With his new partner, he gets involved in another murder case that is similar to the one he was working on in the first one. He isn’t caring much about the case, because he is too concentrated on his new girlfriend who looks like a lot like his dead wife. She is about to leave him, while he spirals deeper into his depression.


The dark handmade scenery like the first movie is very stellar. I made the killer more interesting this time around as well. I won’t spoil it for you. I was more satisfied with the ending this time. The soundtrack is still metal like the first one, but even more doom metal. I made a very good action sequence in the beginning that could keep the viewers from being any kind of bored while watching.
A new friend (and fan) of my work from the 3DMM community was a guy named Jeremy Dick. His girlfriend did voices for his movies, so I asked her if it would be cool if she could do the female parts for me. Glad it worked out! My other 3DMM friend, Jon Sapone enjoyed the movie quite a lot as well. He offered his voice acting for the evil laughter of the killer. He also helped make a really dramatic death scene for me, which was very awesome.
I was hoping this would be somewhat of a comeback movie for me. It wasn’t of course, but people took to it better than my last release. I felt the drama fared better than it did in the first one. There is only one scene that didn’t work for me, and that was the scene where Andrew almost dies and sees his friends/family from part 1 in “heaven”. I still like going back to this movie here and there.


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