Simulated Evil

Simulated Evil
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: February 16, 2003
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Dave Smith, Rachel Hewlett, Jeremy Dick, Ben Fortier, Jon Sapone, Bruce Smith, Barb Smith, Chelsea Smith & Zach Smith


Andrew and I really needed a comeback. It was a new year and we hadn’t done anything in awhile. I think after watching some movies such as Multiplicity and The Sixth Day, we thought it’d be cool to make a movie about an evil clone.
The plot is about a kid named Andrew (of course) who gets suspended from school, goes to therapy, and returns to school. Upon his return to school, things aren’t much different in the way he is treated by other students. Suddenly he is approached by a group of strange men that ask him to be a part of a secret cloning program. Andrew agrees, goes to a special hospital, and gets cloned while he is put to sleep. When he wakes up, he meets his new clone. The clone is completely quiet and strange, but looks exactly like him.


Andrew’s mom freaks out when she sees the clone. The clone runs away into hiding, and then starts a killing spree, thus he becoming the evil clone. Andrew tells his friend from school, then he runs into his love interest, and then all of a sudden there’s a huge shootout massacre. Things start to come at an end when he gets to his doctor, and finds out the clone can only be destroyed by fire.
For the most part I had a blast making this film with Andrew. It was like old times. All our traits from our past movies appear in this film, including some familiar characters. We got a great voice cast of our 3DMM friends, and some of my family members. There are definitely some hilarious, comedic moments and creepy, intense, and violent ones. The killings are awesomely brutal, the soundtrack is great, and it has that typical B-horror feel to it that I love.
This is probably my favorite movie I made with Andrew. The only flaws were the beginning of the movie being quiet and the viewer having to guess what happens in the situation. The only other flaw is, because my computer was so slow in 2002-2003, this looks extremely fast-paced when played back today, but I guess that is okay, as long as you can tell what is going on. Upon release, I think most of the 3DMMers thought it was good for the entertaining, but not for the animation (always seems to be our biggest criticism), but who cares. There is a very funny secret ending after the credits.


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