Black and White

Black & White
Directed by Dave Smith & Jeremy Dick
Released: August 21, 2003
Voice Cast: Jeremy Dick, Ben Fortier, Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Jessica Campbell, and Lia


I hadn’t made a movie in awhile. At this point in my life, I had finished 11th grade, and it was the summer. I was talking to Jeremy Dick a lot at the time, and we had all sorts of ideas for movies. We both came into agreement that we should make a movie together about racism. I had been watching movies like American History X, Tales from the Hood, Higher Learning, etc. and wanted to make a 3DMM movie about it, since it had never really been done in 3DMM before. I knew it was going to be a little offensive to some 3DMM viewers, but the message was simple: racism is just plain wrong and ignorant.bnw
So to make this movie properly, Jeremy and I made some real dramatic individual scenes of hate crimes occurring, and then later mashed them together. And then we invented the plot. It is about a white kid at school, who has a black friend and white friend, whom both have extremely racist fathers, and hate each other. The race wars in town start to escalate and it gets ugly. The kid just wants his 2 best friends to come to a truce and stop the hating and killing.

This movie was entered into a 3DMM movie contest, and it was the first one that was showcased. So of course right away, there were mixed reviews. Usually Jeremy and I come off as super funny, so I guess it was hard for some 3DMMers to take this movie seriously. But other people thought it was good, and thought it made the point it was supposed to.
This is up there with Simulated Evil as another movie I had a blast making, and like to watch again. Like Simulated Evil, there are some comedic moments, but the racially violent moments actually get really intense. It works on a lot of levels. The only flaw I see now when I watch it is some of the “stereotypes” portrayed, but movies (and especially real-life Hollywood movies) always tend to do this anyway. But it wasn’t too bad, because I showed a black friend of mine this movie. He actually thought it was really good despite some of the harsh moments it has. I forewarn people that watch this for the racial slurs and violence that occurs in the movie. Remember it was made on a kids’ game.


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