Wiggers: The Movie

Directed by Dave Smith
Released: June 23, 2004
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith

Check out da rims on dem jauns! Dat shit haaww"

Check out da rims on dem jauns! Dat shit haaww”

It actually almost took me a year to make this movie. The story goes something like this:
After I had made Black & White with Jeremy, my computer crashed AGAIN. But before it died, I saved and backed up all my files. I didn’t have a new computer yet, so I had to upload all this stuff back on to another computer, and it was an even older computer. Because of that, I had lost interest in trying to make a new movie. There was also a lot of stress going on in my real life with family and in the household I was living at. We were going to be moving, so there was a lot of packing up going on.
Meanwhile, I attempted to make this movie on my “new but old” computer. I wanted to make a really funny movie, so I thought about the car wash job I was working at during the time. All the kids working there with me were super-white from wealthy families, but acting like they were thugs from the hood. The behavior was unbelievable to me. Eminem was real big at the time, so I guess that was what they were mimicking. I thought a movie about this real-life thing would be hilarious. Amazing I would make a movie making fun of white kids acting like “gangstas”, after making a movie about racism. Well, anyway…
Originally there were a series of funny sounds on my computer of me and Andrew talking like we were G’s working at a car wash, and acting like the typical kids that would be at our school. So I put the sounds together, wrote a transcript, got my friend Jeremy in on the voices, and of course Andrew had to play our new character, T-Dawg. He was exactly like our character Chris Gleason, but instead of being just a douche bag, he was also a wannabe gangster. The lyrics of “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring pretty much sum up this whole movie. All it is really is a series of funny events happening at the car wash, making fun of these kinds of white kids you see in everyday life.
Sadly, this still has relevance today despite the 2003 super pop soundtrack. It was actually just the top 40 crap that would play on the work radio all day. Right when I graduated high school the movie was released to the 3DMM community.
I guess most of them found it funny, but my biggest criticism was that it was over-long, and got annoying to a point. I do agree it was a little over-long, but there were so many funny moments. Andrew’s T-Dawg voice/character was great. The highlight for me was the secret gayness between T-Dawg and his co-worker J. Too funny.
I consider this the funniest comedy I ever made in 3DMM. I always go back to it and laugh hysterically. The opening titles & credits is supposed to be Outkast – Hey Ya. But due to YouTube being dumb about sounds in video files, the sound had to be slowed down.


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