Directed by Dave Smith
Completed on August 3, 2004
Released: August 17, 2004
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Jeremy Dick, Ben Fortier, Jessica Campbell, Barb Smith, and Rachel Hewlett


I find it odd that this movie is considered my best 3DMM film to the community. It’s got an interesting story behind it, though.
During the final touches of Wiggers, I wanted another movie out as soon as I could, despite the difficulties of the older computer I was working on. I had taken a Creative Writing class at my last year in high school, and had written an interesting story that even my fellow classmates liked.
jake2sm I had started writing a story and just saved it as “Jake”. It was originally going to be about this person I knew, this anti-social kid, who would eventually hate the world so much, go crazy, maybe kill somebody, and then kill himself. It sounded very morbid. But I went with a different story. A new kid enters school, gets made fun of really hard by a group of kids. One of the kids in the group is Chuck, who is the main protagonist. He doesn’t want to go along beating up the new kid, because the sister of the new kid is a girl he likes. It gets even deeper, as the main dude Mark practically kills the kid, and everyone involved has to make a promise not to rat Mark out. Chuck starts mentally going crazy when he realizes that the kid was related to him and his real name was Jake. I guess it could be considered an anti-bullying story, but I didn’t see it that way. I just saw a crazy story that could be put to a movie.

I didn’t like the title, but I went with it so people could keep trying to guess who Jake was. I got my usual voice cast of 3DMM friends involved, and put a not so super-metal soundtrack to keep it interesting. The scenes flow together nicely like how I pictured it in my head when I wrote the original story. The final look of the film is okay. I felt it still needed a few things fixed.

When I made this movie, I had moved to a new house, and got a brand new computer. The last few scenes of it were made on the new computer, and when that happened my microphone got all fucked up. It got louder and bass-ier sounding somehow. I couldn’t fix it. So the last scenes of the movie with my voice sound bad. But other than that, the movie still worked.jake7sm
Like my other movie Black & White, this got entered into a 3DMM Movie Contest. This actually did very good. People really liked it for some reason. Some even said the bullying scenes were really disturbing. That is exactly what I was trying to do. But this was a surprise for me that people liked it. It still got average reviews. Despite that, I was told it was some of my best work to date. I personally don’t consider this my best, but I still like to go back and watch every now and then. It definitely has a lot of dark touches to it.


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